Travelling from Melbourne airport to city




Recently, we have discovered that most holidaymakers, in a hurry seem to forget about one important issue.

Planning a trip from Melbourne Airport to city.

And for others who have never visited Melbourne Airport before, here are few things you need to know.

There are no trains located at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport. Hence getting to the Melbourne city centre is not easy for first-timers to the world’s most liveable city.

There are a few modes of airport transfers available, but at every point, one should always consider a number of factors—such as budget, flight timing and the number of travellers with you and more…

Before picking your ideal mode of airport transfer. From renting a car, taking a taxi to use a bus.
Here are a few means to get From Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport To The City.


private airport transfers



Car hire from Melbourne Tullamarine Airport and self-driving yourself from Melbourne to city. It is most ideal and if you are travelling in a group. Search the Airport Rentals online where you can view rates from different companies. And after selecting the desired date and time for pick-up and return.

This only applies if you know your way in the city and you have a valid driving license. Otherwise, you want to consider a more secure means of transfer to Melbourne.



This is the cheapest way to get from Melbourne airport to the city. As Melbourne airport don’t have train service you have to catch Smart bus 901 to Broadmeadows train station and then catch a train to Melbourne city.

Sky-bus is another option which operates from Melbourne airport to city.

Though, one will have to put up with the hustle and tussle of entering a bus and dealing with every stops.


Taxis are most times, readily available at the taxi stands to travel from Melbourne airport to city. However, as every taxi run’s by the metre and as such, you might end up having to pay heaps or more. And if you are unfortunately stuck in a traffic jam due to
peak hours increase in travelling time or unexpected car accidents. From most instances, the fare might be higher.

By air:

Picking up a helicopter service from Melbourne Airport to the city.
Upon arrivals, Passengers (2 and 6 passengers per flight ) are greeted at Melbourne
Airport. And are chauffeur-driven for 3-5 minutes to a nearby heliport where they are to
board a helicopter. The flight time is around 5-7 minutes, with
passengers being dropped off at a heliport in the central business district. Then from there, transport can be arranged.
The helicopter service operates during daylight hours.



If travelling in style is your top priority. You happen to be among a few who fancy a peaceful ride, then do
give Luxciticars a shot.
More importantly, This luxurious chauffeur service is always available 24/7. It doesn’t matter what time
your flight arrives/departs. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!
NOTE: When using Chauffeurs, We take the hassle out of getting to and from Melbourne Airport to city.
With one of our chauffeur-driven vehicles.
The beauty is that, Once you experience a chauffeur service. You’ll never want to drive
yourself to the airport again!

chauffeur car melbourne


Though you might have a valid driver’s license driving yourself to various places of interest is
not always convenient, easy, or safe.
Having a private family chauffeur can help in meeting your transfers needs. Whether on a regular or
sometimes and meet your busy lifestyle and personal preferences.
When you have family, friends or business colleagues arriving in Melbourne you don’t need to
spend your time driving to and from the airport hoping not to be held up in traffic.
Have your driver meeting your guests and transferring them to your destination.

If travelling is the plan of the day for you. Take the easy drive with your driver waiting for you at the front door
to deliver you to and from the airport, restaurant, wedding, winery etc.

Time, they say is precious use it wisely.

So, if for any reasons you think that “I want a private driver”

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